about 1Dr Bill Macafee, a guest speakerThe Society was established in 2010 to promote awareness of, and encourage research into, the rich archaeology and history of Ballintoy and the surrounding area. We want people of all ages to get involved in exploring and preserving our colourful heritage. Our activities are varied and we are confident that you will find them interesting and enjoyable.  The Society has approximately 60 members and our annual membership fee is £10.00.  If you would like join the Society, please contact us or come to one of our meetings. You will be made very welcome.

We hold a meeting each month, except during July and August.  These are usually held on the last Thursday of the month, apart from our December meeting which is held on the second Thursday. Our meetings are normally held in Ballintoy Parish Hall and commence at 8.15pm.  At each meeting we have a speaker who gives a talk on a local topic. We have had excellent talks on a broad range of subjects, including place-names, salmon fisheries, shipwrecks, the 1798 rebellion and how to trace your family tree. The meetings conclude with a cup of tea or coffee and light refreshments, which gives everyone a chance to have a chat!

about 2Visiting Saul Church, DownpatrickWe organise visits to historic sites in north Antrim and further afield. In June 2012 we visited Lissan House, near Cookstown.  On 14 September 2013 we had a tour of important sites in the Downpatrick area. We also arrange visits to institutions which hold information about our local history. To date, for example, we have visited Ballymena Central Library and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

Details of the Society’s forthcoming events are listed in our programme.

We have just recently completed an exciting research project called Ballintoy’s Hidden History, which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories programme. This gave us the opportunity to explore and tell the story of three less well-known sites in the area, namely Templastragh Church, Ballintoy Castle and an eighteenth-century century school at White Park Bay. For more information about this project, see hidden history or our blog.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in April. The office bearers and committee members.

Hon. President: Rev. Patrick Barton 

Chairman: Maurice McHenry 

Vice-Chairman: Robert Corbett 



Hon. Secretary:    Shaun Leighton 

Hon. Treasurer:  Betty Mitchell

Social Convener:  Margaret Reid


Press Officer:     Glenda Rodgers-McCormick

Committee:        Caroline Redmond            Maurice McCurdy            Mary McKay                  Leonard Quigg